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Berlin hotel re-creates the joy of camping, minus the rain and bugs | Springwise


This totally reaffirms my thoughts on the importance of ‘Experience’ and evoking a sense of feelings in our busy lives, such as good childhood memories, simpler days. Instead of a stale hotel room, you get a camping experience, much like relieving childhood memories of pitching a bed sheet over sofa and chairs in the living room or playing house, but a bit nicer 😉

When we step out of our ‘norm’, the experience inspires new thought and possible behavior. I think in this case, it may inspire you to get out for some real camping in nature, thinking about how to simplify your home, or redecorate your bedroom. What words do you conjure up when you read this article and saw the pictures?

Imagine yourself as the owners of this establishment… I can imagine the feel good factor benefits that is shared by clients and owner, first time customers having a bit of child-like wonder in their eyes and spirits 🙂

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