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ebb and flow

marine life
marine life - kaishin chu © 2011 (mobile phone photo)

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to have randomly visited the Vancouver Aquarium with a close friend of mine and two out of town visitors. It had been years since I last had the opportunity to go.

I’m always inspired seeing the beauty of the underwater world, the colours, the softness of the the forms… they all add up to reminding me the awesomeness of mother nature and her designs.

It’s good to be reminded of what nature has to offer, it’s beauty, it’s wisdom, and in this case, it’s tranquility. It recharges us with calmness or energy, depending on what you get inspired by. For me on this visit, Ebb and Flow was the key words or thoughts that came to mind, grand wisdom for looking at life and dealing with life’s challenges.

moon jelly fish
moon jelly fish by Kaishin Chu © 2007


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