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infinity | Flickr – By Cybergabi


What a great photograph of an amazing exhibition! love the lines and the reflection, causing infinity. Love love love.

3 thoughts on “infinity | Flickr – By Cybergabi

  1. Kyle

    Incredible photo! I love how it disorients our perception of space. Have you seen Ken Lum’s Hall of Mirrors at the Vancouver Art Gallery? This photo reminded me of that.

  2. kchu Post author

    Hi Kyle! It is an incredible photo. I’m actually heading out to VAG this Sunday to see it all! very excited. Thanks for you comment 🙂

  3. kchu Post author

    wow, loved the different mirror installations by Ken Lum! the maze was so disorientating, esp. since my friend and I were going in our own directions and trying to find each other. was pretty fun!

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