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Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome


Neil Pasricha’s, The 3 A’s of awesome totally resonates with me: Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity. This is how I have tried to live my life, without defining it in physical word descriptions, but here you go 🙂 Seeing this makes me smile and feel the happiness I have felt in the last year and a half of my new phase of life. *beaming* wishing you all the joys of life, if you so choose to see it 😉


Now, for a little back story on how I came across this video. Though I subscribe to TED talks, I don’t often have the time to see all of videos. Recently with my new outlook on life and changing myself to be more comfortable with networking on my terms, I’ve been going with the flow when invited to check out an event. I let things happen, for lack of better words. Having been invited by an acquaintance whom I hadn’t even had the chance to meet yet, to attend a design networking event, I found myself in the offices of iQMetrix, and what turned out to be an open house event. I met many great folks, and got reacquainted with some I already knew in other circle of friends (small world!). It was serendipitous. Met great likeminded people, talked to UX designers and got to learn about a great company, which lead me to look at their website, and this is how I stumbled upon this video of Neil’s talk, on iQMetrix’s blog. Upon seeing the video, I then realized that this book was one that was on my list of books to read from when I first moved back to Vancouver last year.

This reaffirms my belief that there are no coincidences in life 😉 loving it all. Bring it on!

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