20+ yrs Experience:
Product/Service Design, Product Experience Design
Product Research and Brand Strategy
Process Evaluation & Change Management
Technical Design
Product Engineering/Development
Product Management
Production Coordinator/Manager
Graphics/Print Design
Offshore Production Liaison
Purchasing & Inventory
Offshore Travel for Manufacturing – Meetings and Inspection
Import/Export, Shipping
Customer and Warranty Service
Team Building and Creation
System and Process Creation/Implementation
Change Management

Experienced in Collaborating with:
Various Stakeholders
Project Managers
Tech Designers
Offshore Merchandisers
Pattern Makers/Graders
Sample Sewers
Local and Offshore Factories
Trade Shows & Sales Team Liaison
HR management in small teams
Collaborative facilitation with Cross function teams (Marketing, Finance, Sales, Procurement, Disbursement, Customer Service, Directors, Stakeholders)


Companies worked with/Projects worked on:
UnderArmour (Performance Snowsport) in collaboration with Leba Studios
Arctic Cat (Snowsport) in collaboration with Leba Studios
Swansea Urban Apparel (Outdoor/Travel/Lifestyle)
Fruv (Yoga/Active Lifestyle)
LIJA Style (Golf/Active)
Garçon Model (Men’s undergarment)
Lela Designs (Golf/Lifestyle)
Sugoi Performance Apparel (Technical Active)
Sierra Design Canada (Outdoor/Active Lifestyle)
Westcomb Outerwear (Performance Outdoor Technical)
Leba Studios (Performance Outdoor Technical) Design Agency
Couloir Actionwear (Outdoor Technical)
Vancouver Opera (Costume construction/design/restoration/alteration/Sewer/Cutter)
Nemesis Apparel (Pattern services and Garment restoration)
Catherine Regehr (Purchaser/Inventory Control/Design Asst.)
Bard On The Beach/Vancouver Playhouse (Costume Assistant/Sewer)
Cannell Films (Wardrobe Department)
Kwantlen College (Teacher’s Assistant/Student Assistant)