Kaishin Chu

Systems Thinker | Strategic Problem Solver | Experience Cultivator
Learning Experience & Organizational Culture
  • High tech manufacturer of woollen yarns
  • Factory located in Dalat, Vietnam
  • Challenged with need for more agile innovation while management staff needed to develop foundational skills to better innovate, troubleshoot and think critically
  • Request for workshop sessions to stretch out to every other week
  • 16 participants – management staff from  production, office, and the multinational executive team
  • English as second-language with varying levels
  • Virtual remote training
  • Help management team learn and develop their ability to do Critical Thinking to improve innovation capacities


Critical Thinking is a mindset (a complex combination of internal personal skills and behaviours) that can only be truly cultivated through the development of a higher level of self-awareness gained through knowledge and mentorship. Creatific worked to pinpoint the challenges the management staff faced when trying to approach and do critical thinking.

Once we identified the deficiencies, we strategically designed and developed live the workshop’s learning experience to embed cultivating awareness and understanding to exponentially increase the learner’s ability to think critically.


Participants applied learnings immediately. We embedded self-awareness mastery to aid with opening up limited perspectives; deepened understanding of the individual psychological biases that affect our ability to make the good and unbiased decisions required for better critical thinking. We showed learners how to apply and practice critical thinking in daily life to cultivate and embed the mindset.

Results from 14 Respondents

"Learning transfer has been more successful than other workshops. Previous workshops (competitors) didn't provide the time to practice, follow up sessions (group coaching)."
Lan Anh Thi Nguyễn
DWS Vietnam - Sudwolle Group
As a result of the training programme, the participants demonstrated personal and professional growth in a number of areas, skills development, enhanced connection (department and cross functional), boosted confidence to continue cultivating their skills more. As part of the learning process, participants were able to struggle with a challenge, and then experience how doing it different created impactful insights and learning. Impact was measured through survey questions, reflective questions (coaching self-awareness for generative impact), and coaching senior management to observe and help lead by example.
  • 6-session custom workshop
  • Bi-weekly sessions spread over 11 weeks
  • Learning pod activity for in-between weeks
  • Remote Zoom delivery
  • Use of Miro Board for live collaborative engagement and group learning, both in-session and out of session
  • Embed self awareness and related skills development through facilitated activities and group coaching
  • Design surveys to assess learning impact and growth

Premium Add-Ons provided included Learning Pods, Post Wrap up Mentoring Panel, email and virtual collaboration board communication support for learners.

Additional Add-ons available (not applied): Facilitated Learning Pods: coach-facilitator meeting with individual pods to further coach and mentor leadership skills within the group, showing how they can lead to help one another; Virtual Office Hours: for learners to drop in with questions.




  • Learning pods (dedicated groups to practice and support the learnings both within and outside the workshops)
  • Check-in with senior management to challenge them with areas where they could lead by example
  • Reflective learning methods
  • Break-out room coaching
  • Bi-lingual content on slides worked for the majority of participants. A couple of participants would have benefited from live Vietnamese captioning due to English language levels
  • Beneficial to have senior management leaders participating as equals and not as superiors; this could have been enhanced with some leadership mentoring/coaching prior to create bigger impact.
  • Supporting language challenges with live AI translation captioning services to allow for more agile iterations of training delivery to meet user needs in the moment. 
  • Translated handouts for participants made available prior to the session to assist with language hurdles
  • Training spread over shorter time-frame
  • Further support participants in their learning journey with virtual office hours for Q&A with mentors
  • More localised examples to deepened learning activities
  • Creative Mindset and Collaborative Leadership programmes to take place prior to this CT training, as they will help build capacities for better self-awareness before diving into more complex mindsets and methodologies in the problem-solving frameworks
  • Additional benefits can be gained with pre-workshop training to help senior executive team frame how they can best participate as an equal through a shift mindset and behaviour, equipped to mentor fellow participants outside of the ‘classroom’


  • Design strategy & planning
  • Service design thinking and doing
  • Project management
  • Discovery sessions with various stakeholder groups to determine scope of work and facilitate user research
  • Define stakeholders groups, needs, challenges, opportunities for immediate and future reference
  • Create pre and post-training surveys to assess learners understanding, psychological needs/limits affecting ability to think critically
  • Design learning experience and curriculum via experience (service) blueprint, include onboarding and offboarding
  • Present findings and recommendations to executive sponsors to co-create ownership prior to delivery
  • Deliver training facilitation and coaching awareness and personal development
  • Facilitate Learning Pods and agile development of some reflective homework activities to embed learning
  • Mid way client check-in to determine what pivots or iterations might be needed
  • Group and team coaching and mentoring of both learners and executive team
  • Post workshop review to evaluate efficacy and how to better measure impact for future projects
  • Prepare and present recommendations with roadmap, along with comparative survey data on levels of growth and impact
  • SLACK for our remote team communications
  • ClickUp to manage project
  • Zoom for all meetings and workshop sessions
  • Miro for our team’s remote collaboration to collect insights, define needs and strategy, prototyping learning experience, map out content
  • Keynotes to create slide deck
  • Miro to engage learners with interactive learning activities, reflective homework and check-ins
  • Zoom main room and breakout room activities
  • Google Forms for surveys and assessments
  • Youtube to host session recordings for learners to rewatch with CC in English
  • WordPress page to host training materials and downloads

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