Service Design

I began my career designing and developing high-performance apparel products while assisting in the broader needs of the companies I’ve worked for. Because of my broad set of skills and interests, it was a natural transition into strategising and planning the in-house information and product lifecycle systems related to business (also known as Service Design). For me, problem solving and system design are highly enjoyable and intellectually satisfying pursuits, whatever the industry.

My process involves gathering multifaceted input, analysing the information, exploration, collaborating to strategise a plan, then facilitating the production of a product or service that fully satisfies the original goals all while engaging the end user by providing them with a personally relevant experience.

A well-designed product and/or service should address the the past, present and future. What worked or didn’t work, what is it’s current state of usefulness, and what are our objectives and the end-user’s needs? This is a core part of my design philosophy. To that end, I take pleasure in working with multi-disciplinary departments. In my experience, a close-knit collaboration can innovate and create better solutions and results for all involved, resulting in more usable, efficient, and desirable user experiences.