Kaishin Chu

Systems Thinker | Strategic Problem Solver | Experience Cultivator

Service Design & Organizational Coaching

I began my career designing and developing high-performance apparel products while assisting in the broader needs of the companies I’ve worked for, such as organizational development, change management and culture cultivation. Due to developing a broad set of skills and interests, it was a natural transition for me to move towards solving challenges within in-house systems, employee experience, business processes, as well as customer and vendor experiences. This broader scope of work is known as Service & Organizational Design. For the last few years, I begun designing and delivering immersive innovative thinking workshops, and come to discover a talent for coaching as it elevated my clients/student’s learning to being holistic and life changing. ( I’m currently enrolled at UBC to get certified as an Organizational Coach, I’m pretty excited about this!)

For me, creatively solving complex challenges are highly enjoyable and intellectually satisfying pursuits, whatever the industry. Having innate curiosity to learn and want to understand in order to make things better, to produce more usable, efficient, and desirable outcomes. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and work with people on the ground to find out what’s working and not working, being a good listener and observer, discovering gaps where innovation or improvements can be made. To be a good designer, one needs to remain objective and not jump to conclusions or make assumptions of our own or take what is said by others without validation, while keen to gather important insights from employees who are often the best subject matter experts.

A well-designed service and its products should address the the past, present and future. What worked or didn’t work, what is it’s current state of usefulness, and what are our objectives and the end-user’s needs? This is a core part of my design philosophy. To that end, I take pleasure in working with multifaceted people and departments. In my experience, a close-knit collaborative culture can innovate and create better solutions and faster results for the good of all, resulting in more usable, efficient, and desirable user experiences and business outcomes.

My proven design process (taught and coached over 200+ clients) involves gathering multifaceted input, analyzing the information, exploration, collaborating to strategize a plan, then provide hands-on implementation and coaching that fully satisfies the original goals all while engaging and empowering the users by providing them with a personally relevant and transformative experiences.

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