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Service Design & Organizational Coaching

I began my career designing and developing high-performance apparel products while assisting in the broader needs of the companies I’ve worked for, such as organizational development, change management and culture cultivation. Due to developing a broad set of skills and interests, it was a natural transition for me to move towards solving challenges within in-house […]

Experience Mapping for Service Design

Last week we ran our January Service Design Meetup with the topic being on Experience Mapping. I had wanted to introduce Service Design scope of experience mapping, how it includes a wider and more in-depth scope than what UX generally focuses on, the next tier up. This was to help those new to Service Design […]

An exciting 2015 with Service Design in Vancouver

This year, I’m hoping to facilitate hosting of all 3 service design jams here in Vancouver in conjunction with our Service Design Vancouver meetup group. It will be a full plate, but definitely a rewarding one! First official jam that will take place is the Global Service Jam, so stay posted for more news. So far just the […]

Embedding Experience Design into Corporate Culture

A great article was share via our UX Design Therapy FB group page today, thanks goes to David for sharing it. It talks about what the tipping point for experience design means, when the methodologies are embedded into the day to day strategies and decision making processes. On how to get beyond the tipping point, I particularly loved […]

Creativity and Collaboration

A great article on the merits of making cross connections when creative intellects collaborate in problem solving. Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas? Published for the First Time: a 1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity | MIT Technology Review.

Listen to the Customer

A good article found on the Wall Street Journal, on the importance of listening to the customer = Experience Design. Founders need a way to make great design become automatic, and there’s only one way I’ve found to do that reliably: invest time in listening to your customers. Full Article here:Braden Kowitz: Why You Should […]

Service Design & Cultural Innovation

This article is spot on. It makes my heart beam, I’ll be including it to potential clients for a great read to help reinforce the importance of Service Design. Service design is famously difficult to define and like most important things is something that is neither new nor totally unfamiliar. But just as product design […]

Empathy & Engagement in the World of Design

Back in 2011, I attended The Design Thinking UnConference that was held in Vancouver, at the Emily Carr campus on Granville Island. I had been intrigued by the term, Design Thinking, it sounded like something that I did all the time, 24/7, yet it was a terminology that seemed vague to many, including myself . […]

Graphic Designer Narrates ‘The Joy’ Of Working For Free – DesignTAXI.com

Haha… humorous spoof on what many of us creatives have to deal with, being asked to do work on spec. Graphic Designer Narrates ‘The Joy’ Of Working For Free – DesignTAXI.com.

first ever canvas print of my work. love it.

Image and photography © Kaishin Chu 2013

Stratigraphic Manufactury by Unfold – 3D printing

via dezeen.com If you haven’t had the chance to learn about 3D printing, you’re missing out. It’s quite fascinating. The possibilities are endless. At our local Maker Faire events, I was introduced to it, and got to see a mechanical puzzle hands-on, and to learn how one can make your own 3D printer in a […]

How to make work-life balance work | Ted.com

So true. Small things are what matter in life. Leading a balanced life is about understanding how to integrate all that matters to you on a deeper level. Integration is a much more proactive perspective on achieving ‘balance’.

What A Toaster Teaches You About The Future Of User Interfaces | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

The current model of good interaction design has run its course. Users have come to expect the rich, fluid, high-bitrate presentation and the direct manipulation and gestural interface control, as enabled by the latest generation of smartphones and tablets. For devices whose economics can support the internal parts cost required to deliver it, this style […]

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content – Forbes

via forbes.com Interesting read with some very valid insight on the shift from SEO to real content that engages users. This is a positive shift.

Today's sketch: long pose life drawing session

Taken at Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Studio and Art Gallery

Palais de Justice – Rue de Harlay #paris #france #palaisdujustice

Digital Storytelling Unconference

The Digital Storytelling Unconference is ON! It’s taking place on July 7th and early bird tickets are now available for a limited time. We’ve been working hard at putting together the final details of the event, to be hosted at The Network Hub in the River Market at New Westminster, and it’s got us really excited! It’s […]

Visual Design | DSU Website

I’m pretty content with the outcome of with my work with our Digital Storytelling Unconference’s website, coming up with the wireframe and  visual design. It was an interesting experience, as it was a bit different than designing for a client, in that I was also invested in this as a co-organizer of the event. Really […]

Great point made – Strive For Work-Life Integration, Not Balance | Fast Company

Rather, we try to help them understand this: Accurately assessing the nature of their own personalities, their sense of self-identity, and the degree of control they have over their work and family lives is crucial to finding satisfaction. Balance is not the goal. Integration is. … More important is how they make you feel about […]

Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Techniques | UX Booth

via uxbooth.com Love the comparison here, showing the commonalities of cross-disciplinary techniques. It brings to mind my experience as a print catalogue designer. I also did mock-ups by hand sketch (of the layout and actual physical form of the catalogue), draft out the content list (site mapping), then wireframes with illustrator, then using Pagemaker or […]