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Graphic Designer Narrates ‘The Joy’ Of Working For Free – DesignTAXI.com

Haha… humorous spoof on what many of us creatives have to deal with, being asked to do work on spec. Graphic Designer Narrates ‘The Joy’ Of Working For Free – DesignTAXI.com.

Stratigraphic Manufactury by Unfold – 3D printing

via dezeen.com If you haven’t had the chance to learn about 3D printing, you’re missing out. It’s quite fascinating. The possibilities are endless. At our local Maker Faire events, I was introduced to it, and got to see a mechanical puzzle hands-on, and to learn how one can make your own 3D printer in a…

Autumn in Vancouver

Autumn in Vancouver, a photo by kaishin | dash of food on Flickr.

How to make work-life balance work | Ted.com

So true. Small things are what matter in life. Leading a balanced life is about understanding how to integrate all that matters to you on a deeper level. Integration is a much more proactive perspective on achieving ‘balance’.

Stretching Creative Boundaries

Hope everyone has been having a great summer. It’s been nothing short of fabulous here in Vancouver, almost too busy with all the summer activities 😉 One nice activity has been my going to life drawing drop-in sessions this summer, to limber up my drawing skills, and ability to perceive form better. It’s been a…

What A Toaster Teaches You About The Future Of User Interfaces | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

The current model of good interaction design has run its course. Users have come to expect the rich, fluid, high-bitrate presentation and the direct manipulation and gestural interface control, as enabled by the latest generation of smartphones and tablets. For devices whose economics can support the internal parts cost required to deliver it, this style…

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content – Forbes

via forbes.com Interesting read with some very valid insight on the shift from SEO to real content that engages users. This is a positive shift.

New variation on my experiments with ume shio | Ume Appletini

Taken at Dash of food

Today's sketch: long pose life drawing session

Taken at Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Studio and Art Gallery

Summer goodness. Fresh heirloom tomato with fresh mozzarella

Radish snackin' #radish #vancouver #dashoffood

Taken at Dash of food

Moelleux au Chocolat avec gelato vanille

View from the cafe across the street #fb #sketch

Melancholy afternoon. #BurrardBridge #vancouver #ipad #paper53 #asketchaday #saturday

Itsy bitsy spider hanging out on Munny this morn'.

La Vie!

Palais de Justice – Rue de Harlay #paris #france #palaisdujustice

Burrard Bridge at Night

Peonies always brings happiness :)

Taken at Kaishin Creative Studio

Ribeye steak with red wine garlic and black pepper jus, on a bed of baby spinach

Taken at Dash of food