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Personal growth brings wisdom, who knew ;)

It’s been 2 years since having moved back to Vancouver, and taken on the responsibilities of being the guardian for my elderly father with Alzheimer’s and delusional dementia. It has been the most intensive life experience out of my many years on this earth, and I feel proud to have managed to survive all the challenges thus far and can still feel happy and grateful for all that has passed. Not only have I healed from the end of a long term relationship, I’ve also made a career change. One of my biggest gratitude is the insight and understanding I’ve gained on having a healthy perspective on life, especially when life gets tough. It keeps me happy and full of gratitude and loving life.

Intermittently, when in written conversation with friends who are going through a tough time, I’ve dipped into the new knowledge and words somehow manage to come out my mind eloquently enough to share and hopefully encourage or show them my support. It never ceases to surprise me when the receiver tells me that those words inspire. I’ve decided to paste them all here, as part journal and also to share with others, or even myself, when in need of a reminder.

“There is an elegant beauty to forced change, the universe pushing us to the next level of learning and growth”

“Life is too short to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. Talk, communicate, listen, and connect. So often something of value (in a life lesson or a connection, in work, in life) is sabotaged from such passive actions, and emotions or mental energy is wasted on the negative outcome from it. It’s ok to talk about what works or doesn’t work. really, it is. it’s called being honest with yourself and living authentically.”

“On the path to gaining acceptance, you really have to understand what it means to understand that everyone does their best in any given moment. It takes away the blame, and victim mentality. If what they did happens to be not good enough for you, that is based on your standards, not theirs. It is your choice to be ok with it or not, and your choice to do something or nothing, then move forward”

“Acceptance while not compromising one self’s deep rooted values and needs is what TRUE acceptance is, otherwise you are settling.”

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