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Stretching Creative Boundaries

Hope everyone has been having a great summer. It’s been nothing short of fabulous here in Vancouver, almost too busy with all the summer activities 😉 One nice activity has been my going to life drawing drop-in sessions this summer, to limber up my drawing skills, and ability to perceive form better. It’s been a great challenge as I get back into drawing/sketching by eye and with more fluid motions; a nice change from the more rigid technical vector illustrations I do for design work.

I’ve also found it interesting to draw impromptu using my iPad, where I’m literally doing a finger water colour painting or sketch. It has limitations of course, and it has forced me to think in a different way, to think in advance to preconceive how and when to use which tools to achieve the same look as the real deal. It’s quite different at times… Creative solutions to an hurdle are what makes it fun for me it seems. Gotta love a good challenge!

I would love to know how other designers out there help to stretch their creative skills, from drawing to reading, or singing even? Please share 🙂


digital sketch using Procreate App © Kaishin Chu


charcoal pencil and willow charcoal stick on newsprint © Kaishin Chu

For those interested in joining me at life drawing sessions – it’s self tutorial style, so you don’t worry about how well you draw, you just do so at your own direction of style and skill – I go to Emily Carr and Basic Inquiry Studio. Feel free to drop me a line and I can fill you in on a few of the session times and costs, or give you insight what it’s like to start up drawing again after a long absence 🙂

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