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Experience Mapping for Service Design

Last week we ran our January Service Design Meetup with the topic being on Experience Mapping.

I had wanted to introduce Service Design scope of experience mapping, how it includes a wider and more in-depth scope than what UX generally focuses on, the next tier up. This was to help those new to Service Design methodology understand the difference in scope of focus, holistic design-thinking, and how understanding the different scopes can lead to choosing which tool/technique to use when, and where.

The second thought I had wanted to introduce, was to introduce that the process of mapping can be iterative and organic, it’s not to be only considered as a final synthesis and presentation tool.  I find using it as a tool throughout the design process a great asset, as it can act as a guide to help gain deeper discoveries which lead to deeper understanding.

At the end of the workshop and meet-up event, I had some very positive feedback and was glad it provided value and learning for our attendees. Thank you to all who gave me direct feedback, it’s always welcomed and appreciated. We also had the great fortune to have a few UX designers who work on projects with more of a service design scope join us, and did a Show’n Tell of their perspective projects where they used experience mapping on to assist with a very complex system within governmental services. It was perfect to balance the workshop, giving real world examples of how UX and Service Design are interrelated, and how the different scope of focus is where it shifts from one to the other.

Below is the revised for viewing copy of the slide deck I presented with, where I interspersed bits of workshopping to help introduce the thinking through hands-on learning and discussions.

I’m also including a link to Adaptive Path‘s Guide to Experience Mapping. Great for further learning on the how to’s for those newer to the tool.


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