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Embedding Experience Design into Corporate Culture

A great article was share via our UX Design Therapy FB group page today, thanks goes to David for sharing it. It talks about what the tipping point for experience design means, when the methodologies are embedded into the day to day strategies and decision making processes. On how to get beyond the tipping point, I particularly loved […]

Listen to the Customer

A good article found on the Wall Street Journal, on the importance of listening to the customer = Experience Design. Founders need a way to make great design become automatic, and there’s only one way I’ve found to do that reliably: invest time in listening to your customers. Full Article here:Braden Kowitz: Why You Should […]

Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Techniques | UX Booth

via uxbooth.com Love the comparison here, showing the commonalities of cross-disciplinary techniques. It brings to mind my experience as a print catalogue designer. I also did mock-ups by hand sketch (of the layout and actual physical form of the catalogue), draft out the content list (site mapping), then wireframes with illustrator, then using Pagemaker or […]

IxDA Vancouver: Interaction 12 Redux

via vanredux12.eventbrite.com Really looking forward to the recap of the IxDA Interaction 12 presentations today, along with three keynote speakers! Lots to learn 🙂

Ikea's Cardboad Camera, Knäppa

So it seems that the cardboard digital camera is for real! I’ve always greatly appreciated their simplistic design aestetics and this camera shows just how well they do that. It’s interesting to see that this is developed for the social ux part of the business. From what I can see within the video, this means […]

Gamification And UX: Where Users Win Or Lose | Smashing UX Design

via uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com Great article on how to make the web experience unique and fun, applying  gamification.

iOS 5 App Development Seminar

Getting Started & Overview Design Principles The Tools The stages of an iOS App Development Orientation to the Objective-C Language Architecture of an iOS App: Model/View/Controller Layers Overview of Selected FoundationKit Classes: Strings, Arrays & Dictionaries   Popular UI, Frameworks & Distribution Tabs, Lists, Drill Down interfaces, Pickers, Adding Animations, Integrating with the Calendar, Accessing the Camera, […]

Digital Storytelling in Vancouver… Let's Collaborate to Innovate

For the last few months I’ve been meeting with a team of folks, Todd Sieling & Tylor Sherman of Denim & Steel, and John Wellwood of Echo Memoirs on how to better accomplish story telling in the digital format, to still have as much purpose and engagement as the traditional person-to-person storytelling methods. Our small group grew out of the […]

Rechner App: World's first gesture based calculator

via vimeo.com I found this to be very interesting and a cool concept, and can’t wait to try it out, as the gestures reminds me of what it’s like to use an abacus when I was a kid. It’s strange to think I could add/subtract and multiply/divide using an abacus when I was around 8 […]

Bringing User Centered Design to the Agile Environment – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

via boxesandarrows.com This one is for me, learning more about the Agile Process, as in my UX experiences in a different industry, Agile isn’t the common word in development of products. So much to learn, love it 🙂

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design

Whitney Hess is an independent user experience designer, writer and consultant based in New York City. She authors the blog Pleasure and Pain. When I tell people that I am a user experience designer, I usually get a blank stare. I try to follow it up quickly by saying that I make stuff easy and […]

The Future Of Ethics In Branding | Fast Company

via fastcompany.com Very interesting read on advertising vs. ethics, and how the writer predicts for a rise in the importance of ethics in a company’s brand strategy. Yay! It’s about time I think. As the social media tools leads us all into being more transparent , forcing authenticity to matter in the forefront, ethics is […]

UX Magazine | Well-Traveled Websites

Interesting Read: Few industries are more global than the travel industry. Not only must travel and hospitality companies serve customers across a large number of countries and languages, they must do so across a wide range of mobile devices. As a result, many travel companies have invested heavily in globalizing their web and mobile experiences. […]

Why Does Interaction Design Matter?

Why Does Interaction Design Matter? Let’s Look At The Evolving Subway Experience | Co. Design via fastcodesign.com Thanks to my Experience Design instructor, Todd Seiling, who shared this article with our class. I’m glad to hear about IxD becoming better recognized. It’s a new terminology for many, even for me, I’ve only heard the term […]