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Why Does Interaction Design Matter?

Why Does Interaction Design Matter? Let’s Look At The Evolving Subway Experience | Co. Design


Thanks to my Experience Design instructor, Todd Seiling, who shared this article with our class. I’m glad to hear about IxD becoming better recognized. It’s a new terminology for many, even for me, I’ve only heard the term for a year or two, yet what I do for a living and love passionately has always been what is now classified as IxD. It’s actually nice to know I can define it better now. I love learning to understand by studying and observing the interaction of any being, from animals to humans, interaction with objects in it’s daily life. My mind tends to like coming up with creative solutions to make it better or think of ways to simplify a process or design in order for better efficiency or usage. If I can get to do what my brain loves to do on a daily basis for a living, I’m going to be on cloud nine!

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