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Ikea's Cardboad Camera, Knäppa

So it seems that the cardboard digital camera is for real! I’ve always greatly appreciated their simplistic design aestetics and this camera shows just how well they do that. It’s interesting to see that this is developed for the social ux part of the business. From what I can see within the video, this means customers can become members and share photos of their home decor and styling smarts to other ‘Ikeans’, kind of like Pinterest, where folks ‘love’ and repin products they find and like on the web. Now, that’s a pretty smart social marketing idea angle.

I’ve always loved collecting the Ikea catalog for ideas and inspirations, even if it’s just eye candy, and I know countless others who do the same… now, it’s going to be easier than before and more interactive fun with people around the world, while it will likely make more people shop Ikea, or existing fans just shop more often. Ingenious.

see their introduction video on the Knäppa here:
IKEA PS Knäppa.

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