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Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Techniques | UX Booth


Love the comparison here, showing the commonalities of cross-disciplinary techniques. It brings to mind my experience as a print catalogue designer. I also did mock-ups by hand sketch (of the layout and actual physical form of the catalogue), draft out the content list (site mapping), then wireframes with illustrator, then using Pagemaker or InDesign to set up the templates (wireframes)’ then set about production of the catalogue.

As the design manager, I was also in charge of writing content for the catalogues (storytelling), from the forward, to each product’s features in relation to the consumer points of interest, as well as marketing and branding reinforcements of the products.

As I’ve been learning how to explain my work experiences being relatable to any kind of experience design, I’ve noticed that often those not familiar with the design discipline, have a harder time understanding. It’s always really nice to see articles like this, as it helps to keep my focus and find new ways to define and help others relate, so that I can make inroads with my career as an Experience Designer for technology and web based work.

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