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Embedding Experience Design into Corporate Culture

A great article was share via our UX Design Therapy FB group page today, thanks goes to David for sharing it. It talks about what the tipping point for experience design means, when the methodologies are embedded into the day to day strategies and decision making processes. On how to get beyond the tipping point, I particularly loved these two summary points: 

“Design is the rendering of intent: What does the organization intend their experience to be? Realizing they have control over their design, and the way it a
ffects their users, is the first sign of movement in the journey.

Exposure to the current experience: Has every decision maker been exposed to the current user experience? Seeing that their intention isn’t what users are experiencing can motivate them to invest in improving their designs.”

It’s very relevant to the service design projects I’ve worked on and particularly with one I’m working on right now, internal service design. Our team has worked with the client to reiterate their intent: past vs. current brand values, brand experience, and brand missions, via exposing them to their current corporate culture experience and how it is affecting the brand experience for their customers. Our efforts has provided the organization
awareness into where improvements and innovations can be made, and more than likely motivate future strategic efforts to embedding experience design into the corporate culture.

You can read the article here: Beyond the UX Tipping Point.

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