iOS 5 App Development Seminar

Getting Started & Overview Design Principles The Tools The stages of an iOS App Development Orientation to the Objective-C Language Architecture of an iOS App: Model/View/Controller Layers Overview of Selected FoundationKit Classes: Strings, Arrays & Dictionaries   Popular UI, Frameworks & Distribution Tabs, Lists, Drill Down interfaces, Pickers, Adding Animations, Integrating with the Calendar, Accessing the Camera, […]

Digital Storytelling in Vancouver… Let's Collaborate to Innovate

For the last few months I’ve been meeting with a team of folks, Todd Sieling & Tylor Sherman of Denim & Steel, and John Wellwood of Echo Memoirs on how to better accomplish story telling in the digital format, to still have as much purpose and engagement as the traditional person-to-person storytelling methods. Our small group grew out of the […]

Incredible Text Drawings | Colossal

via wow. amazingly intricate and beautiful. You must need to be incredibly patient though! I really like art that repurposes what otherwise would become trash. I find it poetic that the words of a book, esp. religious ones in this case, is used to form words that my speak of other things, in relation […]