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What Does The Perfect Mobile Interface Look Like? (Don't Ask Siri) | Fast Company


…. As promising as each of these technologies may be, none completely solves the mobile interface dilemma. On our portable devices, it’s still too difficult to input large piles of text, to work with complex graphics, or to otherwise manipulate data as we’re used to on our desktops. “In many ways, this is the grand challenge of computing,” says Chris Harrison, an interface researcher at Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. “We won’t use mobile devices to their true potential until we break through this interface bottleneck.”…

I like what was said about the need for us to rethink how we can use the mobile interface for more complex computing. I’ve found myself trying to work out what I can manage to do on my iPad work flow wise for graphics and photo edits, instead having to carry my laptop out and about.

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