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Zokos Aims to Feed Hunger for Real Life Interaction | Food+Tech Connect


Zokos is a new startup that aims to make it easier for people to connect in real life – over food- by reducing what they have identified as the “barriers to entertaining.” Last week, the Brooklyn-based startup launched their first tool, a platform designed to help hosts manage an event and share the costs with their guests.

How it works: party hosts set a goal for the number of guests they would like to invite and the amount of money they need to cover the costs of the event.  Similar to  Kickstarter, guests must pay to RSVP, but are not charged until the goal has been met. Zokos charges a 3 percent fee and $.30 per guest.

Hmm, interesting. With more and more hobby chefs budding, as folks are trying to save money and getting back to basics with home cooking and entertaining, this seems to make sense. I wonder how it will do? Think I might test it out, a good excuse to host a gathering 😉

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