Kaishin Chu

Systems Thinker | Strategic Problem Solver | Experience Cultivator

Category: Featured Projects

The DTES Response Project | 2020

“When it became obvious that COVID-19 was a threat to the already vulnerable residents, a handful of community advocates sprang into action. They knew that frequent hand washing was one of the most important ways to combat COVID-19 — however, how do you wash your hands if you don’t even have soap?” Cue DTES Response…

Mosaic BC’s IWERC Program | 2018-2019

Mosaic BC | IWERC Program Immigrant Women Employment Readiness Connections Program – 2-week long Innovative Thinking Training Portion  A 10 days immersive/hands-on workshop for new immigrant professional women from different backgrounds and cultures. Participants learn to become job-ready ‘innovative thinkers’ through Design Thinking & Service Design, where they will discover how to work with local…