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First day of 38. Solo night out with the Perseids and Sunrise to kick off a new year.

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First day of 38. Solo night out with the Perseids, a set on Flickr.

It’s been a busy fall. I meant to share this with you soon after. Well, it’s better late than never at this point ;)…

Via Flickr:
For my 38th, filled with anticipation of a better year, I decided to spend it with the skies and stars. During the week of my birthday, the Persieds meteors are at their height of dashing through the skies. Always such a treat. Unfortunately it was too hard to capture with my limited exp and lack of proper equipment. But instead I saw a most beautiful sunrise, felt like I had the world all to myself. I’m hoping next year I’ll be somewhere else in nature, to see it in it’s full glory, away from city lights 🙂

Twilight hours of Aug 12 till dawn. 2011

3:45am till approx 6:00am

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