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My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists – ChrisAshworth.org

My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists – ChrisAshworth.org.

When I read the above article the first time, via my friend, <a href=”http://rachaelashe.com/2011/03/07/hire-me-hire-an-artist/”>Rachael Ashe</a>’s website, it had me feeling emotional. Second time around, it still pulls at my heart strings. His observations acknowledged how I often felt whenever my work overran my creative needs. I am an artist, not a full time one, but one that practices a lot of creativity via thinking and designing, all which bring meaning to my life, it’s part of feeling fulfilled and what makes life meaningful.

This article validates the feelings of my need to maintain creativity on and off the job. Having great versatility, work ethics, juggler of different projects on the go, and a creative mind that is always thinking of solutions, are what makes me good at any job I take on and how often I take a company under my wing, to help grow and contribute my creative talents.

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