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  • Digital Storytelling Unconference

    The Digital Storytelling Unconference is ON! It’s taking place on July 7th and early bird tickets are now available for a limited time. We’ve been working hard at putting together the final details of the event, to be hosted at The Network Hub in the River Market at New Westminster, and it’s got us really excited! It’s […]

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  • iOS 5 App Development Seminar

    Getting Started & Overview Design Principles The Tools The stages of an iOS App Development Orientation to the Objective-C Language Architecture of an iOS App: Model/View/Controller Layers Overview of Selected FoundationKit Classes: Strings, Arrays & Dictionaries   Popular UI, Frameworks & Distribution Tabs, Lists, Drill Down interfaces, Pickers, Adding Animations, Integrating with the Calendar, Accessing the Camera, […]

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  • Thinking By Design: Scientific American

    Image: Yuji Sakai Getty Images In Brief People prefer big objects to small ones, round forms to sharp ones and complex designs to simpler renditions. Observers often pick a prototype as prettiest, but these “average” examples of a face, coach or pattern can bore an expert or even someone in a good mood. After a […]